pcb2GCode online (beta)

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input gerber files

front side RS274-X .gbr

back side RS274-X .gbr

pcb outline RS274-X .gbr; outline drawn in 10mil traces

Excellon drill file

isolation milling

milling depth in inches (Z-coordinate while engraving)

safety height (Z-coordinate during rapid moves)

distance between the PCB traces and the end mill path in inches; usually half the isolation width

feed while isolating in ipm

spindle rpm when milling

drill using the mill head

specify the the number of extra isolation passes, increasing the isolation width half the tool diameter with each pass

board outline milling

diameter of the end mill used for cutting out the PCB

PCB cutting depth in inches.

PCB cutting feed

PCB cutting spindle speed

Maximum cutting depth; PCB may be cut in multiple passes

hole drilling

drill depth

tool changing height

drill feed; ipm

spindle rpm when drilling

drill through the front side of board


all units are given metric

virtual photoplot resolution

mirror back side along absolute zero instead of board center

output files

prefix for default output file names

output file for front layer

output file for back layer

output file for outline

output file for drilling