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Designing for lasercutting in OpenSCAD

By peteruithoven. Last update on 19 feb 2013.

You can use OpenSCAD for designing lasercuttable objects. Benefits are the parametric possibilities and the 3D preview, but it does have some limitatons. OpenSCAD only draws solid shapes. This means it's impossible to draw for example folding lines (withoud a double line). See the following feature request: Better support 2D models by adding lines


  • Add a little space in between objects, to make sure they aren't merged. 
  • Add a offset to all your parts (to compensate for lasercutters line width). (ImplicitCad makes this easier with the shell() command) 
  • Programm export (lasercuttable objects only, layed down) and 3D assemly modules so you can easilly switch. 
  • Choose a nice starting point for your modules (parts). When you need to use a module multiple times and at different rotations it might be easier to center it. 
  • Also see Designing for Parametrics in OpenSCAD.
  • Use a library like MCAD, I also has some 2dshapes.
  • Try ImplicitCad, it had features for offset, has proper variables / computation etc but it's less used and supported right now.  
  • ...



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