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Our class participated in the worldschool project, our task was to design a pellet basket
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Using external editor for OpenSCAD

The text editor build into OpenSCAD is quite limited, you can't search for example. Luckyly it's really easy to use an external text editor. 
Enable Design > Automatic Reload and Compile. 
You can open the same file in a external text editor, when you save this document the preview is automatically updated in OpenSCAD. 

When you use TextMate or Sublime editor you can add the following bundle to improve autocompletion.

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Designing for lasercutting in OpenSCAD

You can use OpenSCAD for designing lasercuttable objects. Benefits are the parametric possibilities and the 3D preview, but it does have some limitatons. OpenSCAD only draws solid shapes. This means it's impossible to draw for example folding lines (with a dotted line). See the following feature request: Better support 2D models by adding lines

I have found a technique developed by Snijlab, to bend wood or plexiglas. You cut the wood in several lines over an area of about 2 cm.