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Extruding 2D to 3D

Using Inkscape & OpenSCAD

  1. Install Inkscape
  2. Install Inkscape extension: Inkscape to OpenScad converter (Installing extensions in Inkscape)
  3. Open the illustration (SVG, EPS, PDF, ...) in Inkscape.
    (Illustrator doesn't store units when saving to svg, so you will need to the check size afterwards. We recommend using pdf's from Illustrator)
  4. Extensions > Generate from path > Paths to OpenSCAD...
  5. Fill in output file. Something like: ~/model.scad. (This will place the model in your user accounts folder.)
  6. FIll in a height.  
  7. Open this file in OpenSCAD
  8. Design > Compile and Render (F6)
  9. Design > Export as STL

People are working hard to support svg in OpenSCAD, that would make this a lot easier:

Try: Illustrator & OpenSCAD

  1. Export dxf from Illustrator
  2. Import in OpenSCAD using import
  3. Extrude using linear_extrude
  4. Design > Compile and Render (F6)
  5. Design > Export as STL


Follow the following tutorial, start at step 32.

Or check the following video: