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FabLab Amersfoort is an open workplace with digital equipment and is part of the worldwide network of FabLabs. Everybody can use these machines to create (almost) everything. Read here how it works. FabLab Amersfoort is not subsidised and is using open source software.

Opening hours

This FabLab is open every tuesday from 10:00 tot 22:00. Visitors are expected to contribute something to the lab. It works as follows: On arrival each visitor pays € 50 in cash. Visitors who share their designs or their knowledge and skills can get the money refunded on departure. Sharing can be done for example by writing a FabPublication. Visitors who don't want to contribute (due to time constraints or other reasons) can contribute financially. For example for the maintenance or acquisition of new machines. Read the registration page  for more information.


During the open "walk in" days the equipment cannot be reserved. If you want to be assured of the use of a particular machine on a particular time, you can also rent the lab. It costs €150 for a half day exclusive VAT. FabLab Amersfoort are also available for hire for certain jobs. Please contact us on the email adres below for a quote.


See our Contact page.