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By peteruithoven, . Last update on 24 Aug 2015.

OpenSCAD website


MCAD library


Tip: Using external editor for OpenSCAD

Introduction for non programmers

An Introduction to 3d Modeling with openSCAD – openSCAD Basics

Getting started  replique montre

To get started with OpenSCAD I recomment the following tutorials, in this order:

  1. OpenSCAD Basics: The Setup
  2. OpenSCAD Basics: 2D Forms
  3. OpenSCAD Basics: 3D Forms
  4. OpenSCAD Basics: Manipulating Forms
  5. OpenSCAD Intermediates: Combining Forms
  6. OpenSCAD Intermediates: Fixing Design Problems
  7. OpenSCAD Intermediates: Mashups
  8. OpenSCAD Intermediates: Modularity
  9. OpenSCAD Intermediates: Extruding 2D Objects
  10. OpenSCAD Intermediates: How to Make Organic Shapes

Shorter getting started

To get started even faster I recomment the following:

  1. Getting Started
  2. Modules and Loops
  3. Include and Import
  4. MCAD Library
  5. Loops and Constants

Polygon drawing

OpenSCAD polygon draw tool
OpenSCAD Polygon Generator by PieterBos
nkscape to OpenSCAD convertor TIP!
Inkscape to OpenSCAD dxf tutorial

Other links

Designing for Parametrics in OpenSCAD
Designing for lasercutting in OpenSCAD
OpenSCAD tutorial
OpenSCAD tutorials by William A Adams
Video tutorials
OpenSCAD tricks and modules


OpenSCAD designs of the Rostock 3D printer
Fully Printable Padlock
Titan 3D printer
Parametric lasercuttable Box
Parametric lasercuttable Box 2
SpiderBot (Hexapod) (animation)
Openscad Lego-Like brick

Further exploration

Combination with Clipper for things like offset and converting to svg. 
ImplicitCAD (example)